Welcome Academics


How does St. Andrew’s educate honors students year after year? Discover the secret to our success as you learn more about our academic practices and programs here.

St. Andrew’s provides a high-quality education rich with academic experiences designed to encourage personal growth and challenge students towards dynamic thinking. Our academic programming includes unique initiatives that broaden students’ mastery and lay the foundation for students to become lifelong learners.

The benefits of being a part of the St. Andrew’s community are demonstrated through the success of our graduates. The exceptional high school preparation of our students, through our varied offerings and teaching practices provided, result in advanced placement, high acceptance rates, and scholarship rewards.

Our students have benefitted greatly from distinctive programs like these:

  • Spanish language education beginning in Pre-Kindergarten 3 lays the groundwork for language development
  • St. Andrew’s one-of-a-kind THEME Writing program guides students as explore writing styles and enhance writing skills
  • Our Community Service program introduces students to active service engagement in the community, nurturing leadership skills and Christian values
  • An extensive STREAM program with a fully-integrated curriculum in all grade levels encourages students to explore and discover, while fine-tuning critical thinking skills.

St. Andrew’s Country Day School is a Middle States accredited PreK-3 through 8th Grade school. Learn more about each of our specific programs below:

Pre-Kindergarten 3 and 4 (Read More); or
Elementary Grades (K-4) (
Read More); or
Middle School Grades (5-8) (Read More).