Welcome Faculty and Adminstrative Directory

Faculty and Adminstrative Directory

Mrs. Pamela GiannantonioPrincipal  (Email Me)
Mr. Nate MillerSchool Secretary/Administrative Assistant (Email Me)
Mr. Kevin KabacinskiBusiness Manager  (Email Me)
Ms. Megan BartonSchool Nurse  (Email Me)
Mrs. Rachel ZellerAfter School Coordinator/STREAM Teacher (Email Me)
Mrs. Andrea FogliaAthletic Director (Email Me)
Mrs. Renee PrattTuition and Bingo Assistance (Email Me)
Mrs. Kourtney OwenCafeteria Coordinator (Email Me)
Mrs. Tracy FicorilliPre-K 3(Email Me)
Ms. Emily KiebzakPre-K 3 (Email Me)
Mrs. Sandy GrazianoPre-K 4 (Email Me)
Mrs. Sarah YoungPre-K 4 (Email Me)
Mrs. Kate O’LearyKindergarten (Email Me)
Mrs. Colleen WojtaszekKindergarten (Email Me)
Mrs. Jennifer PumaGr. 1 (Email Me)
Mrs. Amy Francken Gr. 1 (Email Me)
Mrs. Charleen MylesGr. 2 (Email Me)
Ms. Danielle ThalerGr. 3 (Email Me)
Ms. Sarah HalpinGr. 4  (Email Me)
Ms. Mary Kate Lodick5-8 Grade ELA/Theme and
5th Grade Homeroom  (Email Me)
Mr. Daniel Johnson5-8 Grade Social Studies and
6th Grade Homeroom  (Email Me)
Ms. Theresa Bork5-8 Grade Science and
7th Grade Homeroom (Email Me)
Mrs. Carrie Garrison5-7 Grade Math/Regents Algebra I and
8th Grade Homeroom  (Email Me)
Ms. Maria Stainsby2-8 Religion (Email Me)
Mr. Matt FranciscoPhysical Education  (Email Me)
Ms. Jennifer PorrecaPK-8 RTI (Email Me)
Ms. Anneliese HockArt  (Email Me)
Mr. Mason CancillaMusic (Email Me)
Ms. Maria MontoyaSpanish (Email Me)
Mrs. Cathleen GloganTeacher Aide
Mrs. JoAnn RuppTeacher Aide
Mrs. Barbara PanepintoTeacher Aide
Mr. Gabriel CarreroTeacher Aide
TBD Advancement Coordinator (Email Me)