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The connections we build — every team, club, or class — make this school and parish a family. Learn more about our St. Andrew’s community here.

St. Andrew’s Country Day School is a Catholic school which specializes in character development. We teach our students to be inclusive of all beliefs and we welcome students of all faiths into our family.

Students have in-class religion instruction and prepare for Reconciliation and First Holy Communion as a class.

Prior to COVID, we attended a weekly school Mass in our church. Pre-Kindergarteners join us and are paired with Middle School buddies to help make them feel comfortable and focused in church. Starting in 1st and 2nd grade, students learn to participate in Mass as readers and gift-bearers. Our students may become altar servers beginning in 4th grade.

Starting in 6th grade our students are required to perform service hours for our Community Service Program, which teaches them compassion, responsibility, and leadership.

For more information on our parish, please visit our St. Andrew’s Parish website.

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